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There are many things that have contributed to the way that the world does business today. Some relate to the opening up of boundaries thanks to the possibilities created by technology. Others are about people making change with new regulations and laws. While you might go to MathewsDinsdale.com today to find one of the leading firms in workplace law, you might not know that this company has a long history of working in this field. Mathews Dinsdale has been around for more than fifty years and is known for its commitment to labour and workplace law issues.

Mathews Dinsdale was started in 1956 and even from the beginning decided that they were going to represent employers in all forms of workplace law issues. They were the first labour law boutique in Canada and throughout their five decades in business they have appeared before the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and the Canada Industrial Relations Board, among others. They have worked within the private sector with companies that work in aerospace to the arts and the public sector with public utilities to hospitals. Some of their cases have helped to shape workplace law within the province and the country.

With 28 lawyers, a support staff of 15 and normally 3 or 4 law students, Mathews Dinsdale has become one of the top 10 'Labour and Law Boutiques' in Canada, as published in the Canadian Lawyer magazine. With 3 offices conveniently located in Ontario, in Toronto, Sarnia and Sault Ste. Marie, you can rest assured Mathews Dinsdale are ideally placed to provide legal services, advice and representation across a broad range of practice areas within the fields of labour relations and employment law, whether your requirement be in a provincial or federal based need.

In Canada, workplace law usually refers to any legal issue within the workplace that does not involve a union. Labour law refers to those where a union is involved. These are different because there are some laws and regulations in place for unions that do not affect individuals or those that are working in a non-unionized place. While dealing with Mathews Dinsdale's long list of clients over the years, the professionals here have had the chance to build up their expertise in a number of different sectors with both those working with a union and those without. These lawyers are known as some of the best in the country and there are more than twenty on staff within three different offices. If you have any sort of workplace law problem where you need counsel or representation on a trial then Mathews Dinsdale are likely going to be able to help you.

Those looking for more information on this firm should visit MathewsDinsdale.com, where you will find a history of the company and lots of information on what they do. This is a company that is committed to the progression of the law as well as their individual cases. They even offer training sessions and seminars to employers on human rights and health and safety issues.

Mathews Dinsdale References

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  5. For the latest information you can follow Mathews Dinsdale on Facebook.

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