3 Hair Care Shampoo Questions Answered

But all your shampoos on sale or depending on what brand is the cheapest or seems good? Big mistake!
The right type of shampoo can give you a gorgeous head of healthy, bouncy hair.

Here are your most burning shampoo based questions answered so that you don’t make any more hair damaging mistakes:

1. How often should I shampoo?

If you’re using a mild shampoo, and/or have very greasy hair, shampoo daily. But if you are prone to a lot of hair fall and breakage, you should cut back to alternate days, or keep it to four times a week.

Pro Tip – Remember that the entire hair care and setting routine of wetting, drying and then styling strips a lot of moisture from your hair. So, use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo instead of chemical-laden ones.

2. Is using too much shampoo bad for your hair?

As long as you’re giving your hair a proper rinse, too much shampoo doesn’t really affect it. You’re just wasting product if you use too much. Save your greens and just use a dollop the size of a quarter coin and you’re good.

3. How regularly should I go for a deep-cleansing or clarifying shampoo?

If you’ve a tendency to indulge in a lot of styling products on a daily basis, or you live in a mineral-rich water area, or you do a lot of swimming, you need to clarify your hair at least twice a month.

Dry hair folks – Do not use a deep-cleansing or clarifying shampoo more than once a month or twice a month as it removes all moisture and the natural oils in your scalp.

Oily hair people – You can use a top rated clarifying shampoo which is sulfate-free every other day to remove all oil, product build-up and dust from your hair.

How Stainless Steel Microwaves Add to a Kitchen

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